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The foundation stage of the learning process is introduced in the “learn while you play” methodology. Emphasis is given on nurturing the cognitive skills and motor development in an easy and fun filled environment through group activities, audio and visual aids.
KG Students will be assessed in six different areas

  1. Literacy
  2. Numeracy
  3. Creativity
  4. Knowledge of the world
  5. Physical Development
  6. Personal, Social and Emotional Development


At this stage a more structured form of subjects are taught along with optional vernacular languages.
Arabic is taught from Grade 1 onwards as a compulsory subject as per MOE rules. Value Education is emphasized through Islamic Studies and Moral Science.

Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (As suggested by CBSE for Grade 1 – 5)

This system of Continuous Evaluation is a clear shift of emphasis from evaluating the learner’s performance in examinations to a holistic assessment of the learner’s overall performance. This evaluation model aims to distribute the weightage of marks through different activities, aptitude tests and child behaviour.


At this stage childrens' learning skills are groomed to seek knowledge and to develop understanding

Secondary (Grade 9 – 10)

These two years fortify the students for All India Secondary School Examinations.

Senior Secondary (Grade 11 – 12)

This is the stage where students specialize in subjects of their choice, paving way for future career, following 10+2 pattern.

Senior Secondary – Streams offered (Grade XI & XII)

Science Stream

  • English – Core
  • Physics, Chemistry
  • Optionals

  • Biology / Computer Science
  • Mathematics / Home Science (Girls)

Commerce Stream

  • English – Core
  • Business Studies, Accountancy
  • Optionals

  • Economics / Informatics Practices
  • Home Science (Girls) / Marketing

Emphasis is laid on in-depth knowledge of the subjects, in theory and application. Remedial classes ensure individual attention to all students to gear up for the CBSE Board Examinations. Well-equipped labs facilitate the conduct of practicals in relevant subjects.