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  • Parents are requested to co-operate with the school towards the growth and development of their children.
  • Parents must attend the parent-teachers meetings. Constructive suggestions by the parents are always welcome and they are given due consideration.
  • The school diary serves as a convenient channel for communication between parents and teachers.
  • Parents have to look into the diary every day and make their wards do their home work. They should pay special attention to the personal cleanliness of their child and send them to school on time .
  • Criticism of teachers should be avoided in the presence of the child because it undermines his / her respect for the teachers and the school.
  • Students with communicable diseases must abstain from attending school till fully recovered.


  • Class teachers must be informed whenever there is a change in address, telephone number etc.
  • The students are strictly forbidden to speak any language other than English in the school premises.
  • Parents are requested to acknowledge the teacher's remarks by promptly signing the same.
  • Any changes in the student's passport, Visa, Emirates ID or any other official document should be informed to the school with a copy of the same.
  • Changes in the address or location of transport should be informed in advance.