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Dear all,

The world has evolved a lot considering the meticulous details of how we cater to our generic needs. The technology era has advanced and refined our race to an extent that was unfathomable to our ancestors. Today’s innovations lay the ground work for us to transition ourselves into something better within a shorter span of time. For example, the internet is giving way to artificial intelligence which could transform research. Simple mechanics have made way for Robotics which could soon be available to consumers for daily tasks. The train concept of transportation has given life to the new Hyperloop that could transform travel.

Even though we might reach the pinnacle of technological advancements, what we see is our coming generation’s values deteriorating as they slowly lose contact with the natural life around them. We see a general trend of decline in values that our elders proudly possessed. We see lesser behavior of what makes us human.

It is our moral duty to educate the leaders of tomorrow being a generation that has witnessed the changes take place whilst stepping into the 21st century. We at PACE Education believe that, what makes us beautiful is the good character we possess above all. We strive to educate our children with a balance of knowledge and morality so that they take into consideration human feelings along with the productivity factor of their decisions. What good is a life not knowing the warmth of relationships? What good is the possession of the material world without being content with what we have? What good is moving mountains when your actions can’t move someone’s heart?

In my message for this year’s school magazine, I urge all my students and the wider young audience to spend time with your elders, understand the difficulties they have come across, and give utmost importance to your morality. It is without doubt, fundamental to your success in life. Our students have made considerable achievements in many areas of academics and co- curricular activities which are displayed in this magazine. We are thankful and indebted to the wise leadership of the UAE for providing us with such an accommodative atmosphere to pursue the journey towards excellence.

Mr. Zubair Ibrahim